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At Clovis Family Dentistry, our dentist and team are proud to be a part of the Clovis community—helping people smile brighter with a full range of dental services. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and experienced dentist near you in Clovis, CA, who provides exceptional dentistry to patients of all ages, you’ve come to the right practice! If you’ve always wanted to be treated by a skilled and attentive dentist who puts your needs first, we welcome you to our dental family.

Our family dentist has an excellent rapport with the youngest patients and loves teaching them how to establish good dental habits, so they enjoy visiting the dentist and caring for their teeth. And he also enjoys helping older patients turn back the clock with a full array of restorative and cosmetic dentistry services. Whether your teeth and gums are perfectly healthy or you have missing teeth and need to restore your smile function and beauty, rest assured, you’re our top priority—from the front office to the dental chair!

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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry in Clovis, CA, is designed to help you maintain oral health. Our hygienists remove harmful bacteria that can cause destructive gum disease and decay, followed by an exam from our family dentist. In addition, we offer digital X-rays, nightguards to ease bruxism (tooth clenching), and sports mouthguards to protect teeth and gum tissue from damage caused by sports-related impact to the mouth.


Emergency Dentistry

Like everything in life, the unexpected can happen and harm teeth. If you’ve injured a tooth, your child knocked out a tooth playing sports, or you have acute dental pain that may require a root canal, our caring family dentist doesn’t want you to delay getting relief. We offer emergency dentistry in Clovis, CA, and we’ll do our best to treat you as promptly as possible, even if you’ve never visited Clovis Family Dentistry before now.


Cavity Fillings

If left untreated, cavities can expand, infiltrate deeper into a tooth, and ultimately damage it beyond repair. Composite fillings are a natural-looking alternative to amalgam fillings that restore strength and aesthetics after removing decay. Our dentist prefers tooth-colored fillings in Clovis, CA, because they’re metal-free, more attractive, and won’t expand and contract with temperature changes.


Same-Day Crowns & Bridges

We create customized crowns and bridges in Clovis, CA, using sophisticated CEREC technology, which enables the delivery of same-day crowns. First, a digital impression is taken, and we perform color matching; then, this is sent to our on-site milling machine to fabricate your natural-looking restoration from a solid block of zirconia. Before cementing the crown or bridge, our dentist ensures a normal and comfortable bite is restored and makes minor adjustments until it fits perfectly.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Before scheduling cosmetic dentistry in Clovis, CA, our cosmetic dentist performs a detailed smile assessment and asks what you like and dislike about your smile. From single services such as veneers and teeth whitening to a customized combination of procedures for personalized smile makeovers, we blend modern technology with in-depth experience to deliver long-lasting and beautiful results.


Full & Partial Dental Implants

If you avoid smiling because of missing teeth or you’re frustrated because your denture constantly slips when you eat and speak, we can help. Full and partial dental implants in Clovis, CA, provide more excellent stability than traditional dentures and help preserve jawbone health. Partial dentures supported by implants are an alternative to conventional bridges. They can be fabricated as a removable or fixed option, while fixed full mouth dental implants restore nearly 100% of dental function.


Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are common dental procedures to remove damaged, decayed, or problematic teeth. This procedure can help alleviate pain, prevent the spread of infection, and prepare the mouth for orthodontic treatments.

While extractions are typically straightforward, some cases may require surgical intervention, especially for impacted teeth. Post-extraction care is crucial for proper healing, including pain management, avoiding certain foods, and maintaining oral hygiene.


Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a procedure designed to save a tooth that is severely infected or decayed. The process involves removing the infected pulp, cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the tooth, and then filling and sealing it. This treatment helps alleviate pain and prevents the need for tooth extraction. Following a root canal, a crown is often placed on the tooth to restore its function and appearance.

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