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Get a Fresh Start with Full Mouth Dental Implants

If you have many missing teeth, you likely feel unhappy about your smile appearance, which can lead to a decline in your self-esteem, social life, and professional life. The empty spaces can cause adjacent teeth to shift, impact your ability to eat food, encourage bacteria growth, and increase your risk of gum disease and further tooth loss. Although several options exist to replace missing teeth, full mouth dental implants in Clovis, CA, provide a highly effective and convenient solution.

Traditional Dentures Vs. Fixed Full Arch Dental Implants

At Clovis Family Dentistry, we offer traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures, and fixed full mouth dental implants, and we encourage you to choose the best one to fit your clinical and budgetary needs. While dentures are often viewed as the most cost-effective option, they aren’t a long-term solution and lack natural functionality. Dentures don’t prevent ongoing bone loss, which can result in gum irritation, slippage, frequent relining, and undesirable changes to your facial appearance.

Implant-supported dentures attached to dental implants deliver double the lifespan of conventional dentures, greater stability, and function. But if you’re looking for the most permanent and natural-looking solution to replace failing or missing teeth, nothing compares to fixed full mouth dental implants in Clovis, CA. With our full mouth dental implant protocol, our implant dentist strategically places 4-6 implants per arch in areas with the strongest bone density, making it possible to fit you with temporary teeth on the same day as surgery.

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Who is a Candidate for Full Mouth Dental Implants?

The All-on-4 to 6 full arch dental implants concept was developed to maximize the use of available bone, allow immediate function, and avoid regenerative procedures that increase treatment costs and potential complications. Choosing an implant dentist with extensive diagnostic, planning, and surgical skills is essential to ensure the best outcome. While this streamlined technique offers significant benefits and most people qualify, several factors can stand in the way, and our dentist will assess whether any of these apply to you.

Tobacco use, certain uncontrolled systemic diseases (e.g., diabetes), and inadequate oral hygiene can increase the risk of implant failure. Smoking weakens the immune system, making it harder for your body to fight infections, including gum disease. If you have existing gum disease, this must be resolved before getting full arch dental implants because successful osseointegration (fusion with the underlying bone) requires healthy gums.

We Deliver Affordable Dream Smiles

You’ll experience improved chewing, speech, smile aesthetics, and self-confidence when you get full arch dental implants in Clovis, CA. You’ll never have to worry again about common issues associated with dentures, such as teeth falling out, clicking, slipping, or removing them at night for cleaning. Additionally, full-mouth dental implants help preserve bone in your jaw, prevent further deterioration, and stimulate new growth.

Helping you achieve optimal oral health and the smile of your dreams is essential to our practice philosophy. Although full mouth dental implants cost more than other solutions, they provide decades or even a lifetime of oral health and happiness. At Clovis Family Dentistry, we offer highly competitive prices and third-party financing to make getting a life-changing smile even more affordable!

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